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Why did I write these novels?

These novels are my attempt at being a serious writer.  Now take me seriously darn you!!!  Why?  Because life is short and I figured it might be fun challenging to write a story about something other than the intricacies of Jello or other soft edible objects.

The Message Broker

A team of researchers working on a Department of Energy funded project create a state of the art energy efficient community based upon a technological marvel called the Message Broker. They have hopes of using the new technology everywhere. However, trouble starts when the lead Data Analyst winds up missing, and the one who replaces her is kidnapped. As Josh and Tracy from the research team investigate, what they learn about the project could have tragic consequences for their research team, the community they’ve built, and the rest of the country.

Deadly Care

Samantha Thomas quickly discovers working on the Psych ward at the VA hospital gives her more than she bargained for when one of her patients dies during her first week on the job and all the evidence points to her. What looks like death by natural causes turns out to be much more and it will place Samantha, the nursing assistant, in a search for the killer stretching her novice nursing skills to the limit.